Myers Briggs Personality Types

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Event running time

Half day or full day

Number of participants

Up to 20 per facilitator

Main benefits

Self Awareness, Leadership Development, Effective Communication

MBTI Workshop Aim

Myers Briggs workshops help to explain each of the MBTI preferences from the MBTI Questionnaire in an interactive, supportive and fun way.

This workshop provides each team member with insights into how they and their colleagues prefer to take in information, make decisions and communicate.

The workshop enables the team to review how well it communicates and works together as well as identifying changes they would like to make.

MBTI Workshop Objectives

The MBTI team building workshop will provide each team with:

  • An insight into how each team member prefers to communicate and make decisions based on their Myers Briggs personality types and profile
  • An appreciation of how their communication preferences influence their overall team interactions
  • Experience of the MBTI types in action through the use of the Containment experiential activity


Whether you choose MBTI, Belbin or a fully bespoke team development workshop, at Containment your team will learn through a unique experiential process. Teams will enter the Containment live escape games and experience the theories introduced in the workshops first hand.

Due to the nature of the activity participants are monitored throughout, this footage can also be recorded for later review during a facilitated debrief.

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