Belbin’s Team Roles

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Event running time

Half day or full day

Number of participants

Up to 20 per facilitator

Main benefits

Self Awareness, Team Role Allocation, High Performing Teams


A team-role as defined by Meredith Belbin is: “A tendency to behave, contribute and interrelate with others in a particular way.” Through understanding Belbin Team Role theory, team members gain a greater understanding of themselves and the other members of the team, improving communication and team work.


A successful organisation is made up of people with different working styles that complement and understand each other. Understanding how your people work, and helping them understand how their personal style interacts with that of their colleagues, is an essential tool for creating a successful team.


Whether you choose MBTI, Belbin or a fully bespoke team development workshop, at Containment your team will learn through a unique experiential process. Teams will enter the Containment live escape games and experience the theories introduced in the workshops first hand.

Due to the nature of the activity participants are monitored throughout, this footage can also be recorded for later review during a facilitated debrief.

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