“Really great fun! We did this as a hen and was amazing how invested you are by the end to crack the safe! Really friendly staff too!” Pamela Hibbins
“Such a fantastic evening with Containment! Staff were very friendly…Would definitely recommend!!” Amy Oatway
“An awesome live escape game with a great range of puzzles, something for everyone….” Steph Kirkham
“It was a great experience and the staff are great, helpful and friendly.” Stephanie Pitts
“Excellent team building and bonding game!” Fiona L
“One of the best escape games out there!! Had an amazing time!! Very challenging!! Highly recommended!” Chig Ng
“Not only was the game brilliant fun but the staff were lovely too..” Caroline Roddis
“Excellent family bonding activity with some devious puzzles to solve. Thanks again!” Louise Sherlock.
”That was difficult but so exciting! You’ve got to try it!”
”The best team building day our company has had in years. Highly recommended!”

The Games

The Bomb

A rogue military outfit have stolen a nuclear device, in your attempts to retrieve it you have found yourself locked in the room and now it is ticking! With the help of a bomb disposal specialist on the outside can you diffuse the device before time runs out?

The Vault

Criminal mastermind ‘The Director’ has recruited you to form part of an elite team. You will be orchestrating a heist on one of the UK’s most secure private vaults and stealing the prized safe contents. Oh, and you have only an hour to do it!

The Lab

You are REQUIRED BY LAW to attend the mobile testing facilities for exposure to the ZOMBIE VIRUS. Those who fail the test kept on site these mobile labs teeter on the edge of a Containment breach..... What would you do if the Containment failed whilst you were being tested? Find out with our NEW game 'The Lab'



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