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Each of the two sibling gods extolled his and her own achievements and belittled the achievements of the opposite. The Sumerians noticed gods in dispute via Priest stories the Sumerians noticed another dispute between the minor gods Emesh (summer season) and his brother Enten (winter). Each of those brothers had specific duties in creation - like Cain the farmer and Able the herdsmen. The god Enlil put Emesh in charge of producing timber, building homes, temples, cities and other duties. Enlil put Enten in charge of causing ewes to give birth to lambs, goats to give birth to children, birds to construct nests, fish to lay their eggs and timber to bear fruit. As the story unfolds, a dispute existed additionally between the god Enki and a mother goddess, Ninhursag - perhaps originally the earth goddess Ki. Ninhursag made eight plants sprout in a divine backyard, plants created from three generations of goddesses fathered by Enki. The goddess Ninhursag then disappeared in order not to let sympathy for Enki change her mind about her sentence of demise upon him. Even although the gods have been immortal and all-powerful, it was apparent that they could be damage and even killed. The me ensured that every god was able to maintain the cosmos functioning based on the plans handed down to them by Enlil. An was initially the pinnacle of the pantheon, although he was eventually seceded by Enlil. He is named "the king of heaven and earth," "the father of the gods," and "the king of all of the gods. The Universe was Heaven and earth the Sumerians regarded the universe as consisting of heaven and earth. Between earth and heavens was a substance generally known as lil, which suggests "air" or "breath. Sumerian theologians believed that each intricacy of the cosmos was controlled by a divine and immortal being. The Sumerians believed that the useless descended into the nether world, also referred to as the underworld. The souls of the useless entered the nether world from their graves, however there have been additionally particular entrances in cities. A individual getting into the nether world should adhere to sure rules: He He He He He He should should should should should should not not not not not not make any noise. They had at their disposal a number of deities, including a number of sky-gods who feel out of religion with later Sumerian theologians. After descending into the nether world a soul needed to cross a river with assistance from a boatman who ferried them across. It was, however, typically believed by Sumerians that life within the nether world was dismal. Sumerians believed in Paradise and a Great Flood Clinging to their belief within the goodness and energy of their gods and questioning about their sin and the toil and strife with which they lived, the Sumerians imagined a past during which people lived in a godcreated paradise. This was expressed in the identical poetic tale that described the conflict between the king of Uruk and the distant city of Arrata - the earliest known description in writing of a paradise and the autumn of humankind. The poem describes a period when there have been no creatures that threatened people - no snakes, scorpions, hyenas, or lions - a period during which people knew no terror. There was no confusion among varied peoples speaking different languages, with everybody praising the god Enlil in a single language. Then, based on the poem, something happened that enraged the god Enki (the god of wisdom and water who had organized the earth in accordance with a basic plan laid down by Enlil). The clay tablet on which the poem was written is broken at this point, but the tablet signifies that Enki discovered some sort of inappropriate behaviour among people. Enki decided to put an end to the golden age, and within the place of the golden age got here conflict, wars and a confusion of languages. According to Sumerian mythology, Enki allowed humanity to survive the Deluge designed to kill them.

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The lack of information on vulnerability, hazard and disaster loss at the city level means some inference from national knowledge is required. The first level of study is at the world scale, adopted by a comparability of disaster loss by levels of national improvement. Each of the three years with the highest variety of recorded disasters has been through the present decade, with 801 disasters in 2000, 786 in 2002 and 744 in 2005. An define of recent pure and human-made disaster incidents which have affected human settlements globally goes some method to point out their harmful powers (see Tables 7. This is on no account a whole list; but, rather, attempts to point out the scale of loss and variety in hazard and settlement types that shall be examined intimately throughout this Global Report. The nice variety in forms of hazards and disaster impacts throughout numerous human settlements is evident. I Natural disasters A world geography of pure disaster threat based mostly on exposed populations and past losses (1980 to 2001) illustrates that both predominantly rural and urban world regions are in danger Disaster threat: Conditions, trends and impacts 173 (see Figures 7. Loss to hydrological (floods, landslides and hurricanes) hazard is most widespread, affecting human settlements in China, Southeast Asia and Central America, and in a band from Eastern Europe by way of Central and Eastern Asia. Disaster threat is, however, distributed differently throughout specific regions, relying upon what is considered to be in danger. In phrases of mortality caused by pure disasters, hotspots embrace Central America, the Himalaya, South and Southeast Asia, Central Asia and sub-Saharan Africa (see Figure 7. Risk of absolute financial loss reveals quite a special distribution (see Figure 7. Wealthier countries lose the highest value of financial belongings in pure disasters. Consequently, hotspots for absolute financial loss embrace North America, Europe and Central, South and Southeast Asia, with sub-Saharan Africa being much less outstanding. The majority of deaths have been within the years for the reason that disaster, as its chronic well being results unfold. Even by conservative estimates, it stays the worst industrial disaster on record, and the victims are still dying. The disaster was initiated when a faulty valve let nearly 1 tonne of water being used to clear pipes pour into a tank holding 40 tonnes of methyl isocyanate. Gasses can be contained by being burned off by flare towers or filtered by a scrubber. At the time of the incident, the Bhopal plant had just one flare, shut for repairs. Recent analyses of groundwater, soil and folks near the plant have found excessive levels of heavy metals, corresponding to mercury and poisonous organo-chlorine chemical substances. In 1999, Bhopal survivors launched a class action in New York State, which led to the courtroom forcing the company to release inner documents, some of which contradicted its claims. In the wake of the disaster, nearly two dozen voluntary groups fashioned to address medical aid, supporting the households of victims and organizing a political and legal response to the disaster. This is, in part, a mirrored image on the shortage of preparedness and response capability that served to heighten the vulnerability of these residing near the plant. The mean variety of deaths throughout this period per event is highest in Oceania (46 deaths). Asia (34 deaths) and Africa (32 deaths) even have excessive average deaths per event, and this is especially vital given the excessive numbers of human-made disasters in these two world regions. The Americas (28 deaths) and Europe (24 deaths) recorded the bottom mean variety of deaths per event and also the bottom absolute mortality for this time period. This demonstrates nicely both the excessive level of capital investment in Europe and the knock-on impact this has for loss profiled with low mortality and excessive financial loss. A comparable profile is found for pure disasters where excessive-income countries and regions shift loss from mortality to financial injury. Worldwide, the mean variety of deaths per human-made event (2000 to 2005) is 30, whereas for pure disasters (excluding drought and forest fire, that are predominantly rural events) this is 225. One of essentially the most infamous examples of the lengthy-time period well being penalties of human-made disaster has been the 1984 Bhopal disaster in Madhya Pradesh (India) (see Box 7. The results are still being recorded in babies whose parents were exposed to the released fuel, in order that impacts have crossed generations. National improvement and disaster loss the relationship between national financial improvement and pure disaster threat and loss is difficult. It is, however, clear that improvement can both scale back and generate threat for society and determine who in society carries the best burden of threat from pure and human-made hazard.

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Disaster prevention, preparedness and response are a part of all school curricula and lots of college curricula. The media runs programmes and broadcasts common messages about risk discount, disaster mitigation and preparedness. People might have memberships in a number of mass organizations and professional organizations that intersect and cross over neighbourhood, professional and workplace spheres. Such social organization builds knowledge and creates cohesion amongst different teams and actors, which strongly enhances cooperation in times of emergencies. It is undertaken by people who stay in the neighbourhood, such as the family physician or representatives of mass organizations. It entails figuring out those that will need extra assistance throughout evacuation and persons who could provide such assistance. The Committee for the Defence of the Revolution on the neighbourhood stage collates this information for incorporation within annual neighborhood emergency plans. According to the Cuban National Information Agency, Cuba faced 48 hyrdometeorological disasters between 1985 and 2000. A major hurricane hits the nation every few years, as a result of which homes are destroyed, coastal areas flooded and agricultural production damaged; however very few folks die. Between 1996 and 2002, six hurricanes hit Cuba: Lili (a class 2 hurricane) in 1996, Georges (a class 3 to four) in 1998, Irene (a class 1) in 1999, Michelle (a class four) in 2001, and Isidore and Lili in 2003 (both class 2). The total number of fatalities in Cuba for these six hurricanes was sixteen folks out of the whole 665 deaths they collectively triggered in the affected countries. Despite being a small poor nation with few sources, Cuba has successfully curtailed the number of deaths from frequent and violent hurricanes. Disaster mitigation on the national stage is facilitated via laws and legal frameworks, in addition to land-use regulations, building codes and bodily planning. Once a year, on the finish of May, earlier than the hurricane season begins, Cubans take part of their respective ministries, colleges, workplaces and hospitals in a two-day training exercise in hurricane risk discount. The first day consists of simulation workout routines to rehearse disaster situations, while the second day focuses on preparation actions. The government packages messages and knowledge related to each part in clear, constant and easily acknowledged codecs. For each part, there are constant instructions about what measures to take and what to anticipate. These have been clearly assimilated by the complete population, together with school kids. These are taught in colleges and workplaces, explained in Red Cross training actions and reinforced via the media. Within a context of restricted sources, the Cuban risk discount system has been very effective, as demonstrated by the surprisingly low numbers of hurricane-related deaths. This requires a reassessment of the usually assumed advantage of rich countries in protecting lives throughout emergencies. There are more and more compelling reasons for other governments and organizations to study from the Cuban instance, particularly these with fewer sources and in need of an efficient, low-value, low-technology risk discount system. Just earlier than eight:30 am local time on 26 December 2004, tsunami waves with maximum heights ranging from 2 to 15 metres started to hit coastlines in the Indian Ocean. From Southeast Asia to Africa, tsunami waves consumed entire cities, infrastructure collapsed, response plans fell aside and hundreds of thousands of survivors have been left unaided to search for food, water, shelter and family members. Losses in fishing, agriculture and tourism industries, in addition to informal-sector economic actions, paralysed livelihoods amongst affected populations, with severe unfavorable impacts on national economic development. In the agricultural sector, the tsunami affected close to 130,000 farmers in Aceh (Indonesia); ruined 39,035 hectares of cropped space and killed over 31,000 livestock in India; and flooded over 23,000 acres of cultivated land in Sri Lanka. During the tsunami, staggering human losses have been recorded amongst particular sub-teams as a result of socio-economic factors. For instance, Zahira College in southern Sri Lanka noticed a hundred students, the principal and 5 lecturers die, and 90 students lost one or both parents. The over-reliance on a number of economic sectors worsened economic vulnerability during the tsunami.

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Only one megacity from a non-industrial country, Manila, is within the prime ten when cities are ordered by the danger index. Hence, Tokyo, San Francisco and Los Angeles have the very best Natural Hazards Risk Index values. When contemplating the vulnerability of cities when it comes to the sum of different types of natural hazard publicity, excessive risk turns into related to Manila, Tokyo, Kolkata, Osaka�Kobe�Kyoto, Jakarta and Dhaka, all cities in excess of 10 million inhabitants and with excessive publicity to a minimum of two completely different kinds of natural hazard. For instance, San Francisco seems low on the listing, despite excessive earthquake publicity, because of low publicity to different hazard varieties. The impression of disaster is additional differentiated based on the development paths and levels of disaster the impression of disaster is. Disaster risk: Conditions, developments and impacts 177 preparedness of particular person cities. The Kobe (or Great Hanshin) earthquake was among the many worst disasters to have befallen trendy Japan because it claimed 6433 lives. The Marmara earthquake was equally catastrophic; however with 18,000 lives lost, was three times as lethal because the Kobe earthquake. As in Kobe, failure in social planning also undermined response and reconstruction. The Tangshan earthquake in China in 1976 equally illustrates how differential vulnerability shapes loss in several human settlements (see Box 7. The capacity for disaster impacts to cause knock-on penalties and extra dangers by way of secondary human-made disasters and the ecological impacts within the city is also examined. Although the evaluate of natural and human-made disasters goes a way in indicating their damaging energy, it could possibly solely show tip-of-the-iceberg losses. Gaps in data and contradictory statements make comprehensive evaluation of disaster impacts tough. Systematic gaps in disaster data assortment and presentation imply that loss is underestimated in three other ways: probably the most damaging earthquake of the past 400 years occurred in Tangshan (China) in 1976. Later within the day, town was additional paralysed by an aftershock with a magnitude of seven. While practically 50 per cent of the population of town of Tangshan died through the earthquake, the neighbouring County of Qinglong had only one death out of 470,000 residents. Scientists from the State Seismological Bureau recognized six main elements that contributed to the unprecedented destructiveness of the Tangshan earthquake, together with excessive population density, existence of few earthquake-resistant buildings, incidence of shock while people were sleeping followed by a robust aftershock later, paralysis of critical infrastructures and the geological situations beneath town. The divergence within the death toll between Qinglong and Tangshan comes from an extra seventh factor: the distinction in earthquake preparedness within the two areas. Two years earlier, a report by the Chinese Academy of Science had advised larger preparedness and monitoring in North China. During the following two years, Qinglong County elevated the variety of earthquake monitoring stations and intensified public education utilizing pamphlets, movies, posters, drills and group discussions, far beyond those reported to have been undertaken in Tangshan. Source: Pottier et al, 2007 Direct and systemic impacts of disaster Disaster impacts may be categorised as both direct or systemic. Direct impacts embody damages instantly attributable to the disaster, together with lives lost and accidents and physical injury to infrastructure and buildings. Direct (and different) losses can be brought on by knock-on human-made or natural disasters. If uncontained, direct impacts may be magnified by way of failures in critical infrastructure and services within the city, leading to systemic impacts corresponding to outbreaks of disease, social violence and lack of entry to electrical energy, potable water or food. For occasion, a evaluate of well being service infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean found that round half of all hospitals are sited in excessive-risk areas. Perhaps not surprisingly, this report also found that over the Nineteen Eighties and Nineties, a hundred hospitals and 650 well being centres have been destroyed in disasters. Systemic loss can additional be differentiated into indirect losses and secondary effects. This � Psychological and livelihood impacts are seldom recorded, with the vast majority of disaster impression data specializing in mortality and economic loss.

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Programmers may also have access to libraries of helpful routines written by others. The last phases of this compiler map the qubits to physical locations on the quantum data plane, and then generate the sequence of operations that execute the specified quantum circuit on this data plane. These gate capabilities are akin to the instruction set architecture or hardware useful models of a conventional pc. For instance, multiqubit gates shall be synthesized from one-qubit gates and a two-qubit gate particular to the qubit expertise. Further hardware-particular rewriting guidelines are then utilized, which include the decomposition of single-qubit operations into sequences of gates drawn from a expertise-dependent set [34]. Decomposition allows a general circuit expressed in arbitrary unitaries to be synthesized into an approximate circuit composed of a sequence of elementary gates, the place the gates are drawn from a given universal, discrete set. The typical universal gate set employed is the Clifford + T gate set; nevertheless, different gates are additionally attainable. Choice of a selected universal gate set is pushed by hardware considerations as well as necessities for fault tolerance and quantum error correction. In general, state-of-the-art synthesis strategies [35-forty] have been developed that enable a quantum single-qubit rotation to be synthesized in roughly 1/ gates, the place is the accuracy of the sequence. This signifies that the number of required gates grows slowly with elevated accuracy. Until qubit gate error probabilities fall precipitously, the fault-tolerant architectures adopted will have complex constructions (both when it comes to the number of physical qubits and the sequence of gate operations amongst them necessary to accomplish fault tolerance). These quantum computers will due to this fact profit from being designed with the fault-tolerance architecture for the system in mind. Many various fault-tolerant architectures are being actively investigated and developed to be able to determine architectures requiring fewer resources and higher error correction properties. While good progress has been made on this space, numerous difficult problems remain to be solved before a practical machine could turn out to be operational. One challenge is in simulation-both higher-level algorithmic simulation and decrease-level physics simulation. They enable us to estimate run time performance and hardware useful resource necessities, and so they enable a point of correctness testing. Lower-level simulations accounting for noise and different environmental and hardware specifications have much more limited performance, because the element they try to account for could be vastly past the skills of classical computers to symbolize. In addition, approximate simulations of the total system can have value for early design assessments and could also be performed on high-end classical machines. Programmers can determine whether or not the state is correct or not, and if not, discover this system bug. In specific, the flexibility to rapidly develop and check quantum programs on real hardware shall be crucial in growing a deeper understanding of the power of quantum computers for concrete functions, as well as enabling quick feedback and progress in hardware growth. Coordinating the development of software techniques along with hardware ones will help spur progress for the sector general. De Micheli, 2016, Design Automation and Design Space Exploration for Quantum Computers," quant-ph cs. Roetteler, 2018, "Programming Quantum Computers Using Design Automation," quant-ph cs. Gottesman, 2004, "Improved simulation of stabilizer circuits," Physical Review A, 70, 052328. Troyer, 2018, "A software methodology for compiling quantum programs," Quantum Science Technology, three,020501. Mahadev, 2017, "Interactive proofs for quantum computations," arXiv preprint arXiv:1704. Shi, 2016, "Robust protocols for securely increasing randomness and distributing keys using untrusted quantum units. Vidick, 2018, "A cryptographic check of quantumness and certifiable randomness from a single quantum system," Proceedings of the 59th Annual Symposium on the Foundations of Computer Science.

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Use surrogate data in circumstances the place a clear relationship may be decided between an agent with usable data and the agent of concern. Data gaps can add significantly to the uncertainty related to publicity and risk assessment. Selecting health-conservative data will yield healthconservative publicity and risk estimates; alternatively, deciding on much less conservative data will yield much less conservative publicity and risk estimates. Decisions regarding data use will affect risk estimates and should determine the place fish advisories are to be provided. Some of the assumptions related to the publicity parameters can lead to underestimation of complete risk (and due to this fact overestimation of allowable consumption). For example, the calculation of publicity to a given chemical may ignore background sources of that chemical. For chemical compounds that exhibit health effects based mostly on a threshold stage, the mix of background contaminant concentration and fish consumption publicity may exceed the threshold. The use of average fish contaminant concentrations to estimate publicity is one other assumption that would underestimate risk if an individual frequently consumes fish from a contaminated waterbody. However, these assumptions could also be balanced by overly conservative assumptions in different aspects of the assessment. Readers need to choose if the general margin of security afforded by way of uncertainty factors and conservative assumptions provides passable protection for fish shoppers. Volume 1 accommodates a dialogue of sampling and evaluation that provides steerage on planning and finishing up a sampling program. The doc recommends a two-tiered technique for monitoring waterbodies for contaminated fish, together with: Screening waterbodies routinely to determine areas the place chemical contaminants in fish exceed ranges of concern for human health Sampling waterbodies intensely the place screening has recognized elevated ranges to determine the magnitude and geographic extent of the contamination. Fish contamination varies considerably by waterbody and by fish species and size class. Therefore, even populations with related consumption patterns may have differing exposures, relying on the contaminant ranges within the waterbody used 2-39 2. To seize these site-specific distinctions, population publicity analyses rely on the use of waterbody-specific data from local surveys on fish contamination. Relevant data from these surveys embrace ranges of contaminants by fish species and size (length and/or weight). Several sources of uncertainty are related to the dose modification factors offered on this steerage. The effectiveness of various preparation and cooking techniques in decreasing contaminant concentrations varies tremendously. In addition, info is restricted relating to the toxicity of the degradation merchandise generated during the heating of contaminated fish. Percentage reductions observed at one stage of contamination may or will not be expected to hold true for various ranges of contamination. These sources of uncertainty may lead to both beneath- or overestimates of publicity. First, the figures for physique weight are taken from data collected within the late Seventies. Body weights can vary dramatically over time, and due to this fact the values could also be an over- or underestimate of current physique weights. For example, Southeast Asian-American subsistence fishers may have slighter physique frames and decrease physique weight than the overall U. Compared to different assumptions, however, physique weight values are related to relatively low variability and uncertainty. Ideally, fish consumption info will embrace descriptive demographic info on the scale and location of the fishing population using specific waterbodies; the age and sex of those consuming the fish; the scale and frequency of the meals (over the brief and long term); and the species of fish caught, parts of the fish consumed, and strategies of fish preparation and a couple of-forty 2. This part discusses the choice of fish consumption data and presents outcomes obtained in quite a few research. In common, fish consumption research describe: Species of fish consumed by varied subgroups inside a population Temporal patterns of consumption Variety of preparation and cooking strategies used by totally different populations.


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In these circumstances, exposure assessments that look at contaminants individually in individual species will underestimate exposure. This approach may result in an underestimation of exposure and, consequently, an underestimation of risk for some contaminants. Additional background exposure may trigger individuals exposed to fish contaminants through different contaminant sources. State agencies are inspired to use available information on different sources of exposure every time potential in setting consumption limits or to set the boundaries so that the allowable consumption accounts for under a fraction of the entire allowable day by day dose. These approaches would enable a margin of security to guard towards the potential for background exposure resulting in exceeding the contaminant thresholds and/or maximum acceptable risk ranges. Nonfish Sources of Exposure People could also be exposed to a number of of the target analytes through sources or pathways aside from noncommercially caught fish. These pathways include contaminants found in or on commercially caught fish, different meals, ingesting water, air, or different materials. The whole exposures may trigger the person to exceed a protected exposure level, even though the exposure by way of fish consumption alone could also be protected. Information on the relative contribution of fish to general exposure can be used to develop advisories that advocate sufficiently low exposure to be sure that whole day by day exposure is under an established targeted exposure level. If state agencies have details about different pathways which will contribute significantly to exposure, then risk assessors are inspired to use this information to calculate an appropriate whole exposure restrict. Depending on the magnitude of the suspected nonfish exposure, the fish advisory consumption limits could also be set at a level that accounts for some fraction of two-44 2. This allocates to the nonfish exposures the remaining percentage of the entire exposure restrict. One state program raised considerations that this series focuses on reductions in exposure by way of fish when exposures by way of a number of media could also be occurring. However, it is very important observe that, though exposure reductions can theoretically be made in any contaminated media, fish consumption may be the solely source that can be readily decreased. It is probably not potential to cut back air, ingesting water, or different contaminant ranges rapidly, but fish advisories have the potential for fast exposure reduction in a population. Because fish consumption may contribute significantly to general exposure for some population groups, modified consumption patterns may cut back general exposure significantly. The relationship between fish and different contaminant source contributions to general exposure should be communicated to risk managers so that each short- and lengthy-vary planning for exposure reduction can happen. Estimating Total Exposure the following discussion of exposure calculations is just like that offered in Section 2. Exposure assessments provide descriptions of the overall, contaminant-specific, media-specific, or populationspecific exposure of a person or equally exposed group. If the concentration in fish tissues is decreased due to preparation or cooking, the Cm worth should be modified accordingly. Risk managers may wish to contemplate the population they search to protect with their fish advisories and whether they wish to protect probably the most at-risk groups in selecting a body weight. Methods for estimating exposure to a number of contaminants and a number of fish species are mentioned in Section three and equations are offered. These equations for individual exposure estimates may also be used for populations with similar exposure traits. The kind of exposure information collected and evaluated will depend on the resources and objectives of the fish advisory program. Under best circumstances, pollutant ranges could be evaluated in all media to which individuals could also be exposed. For example, ingesting water contaminant ranges could also be evaluated by the local water purveyor frequently, and this information can be used to estimate waterborne exposure. In addition to providing essential information for the development of fish advisories, a complete exposure evaluation may highlight nonfish sources of exposure that benefit attention. Summarizing Exposure Information Table 2-four is a template for use in summarizing exposure information. Risk assessors and managers may wish to use this template to arrange their exposure information for varied population groups or subgroups by chemical. It is anticipated that the data entered on this table could be organized based on population subgroups with similar risk traits. As noted earlier, exposure ranges may differ among subgroups throughout the fishconsuming population, relying on the species of fish which are caught, the two-46 Table 2-four. For functions of risk evaluation, particularly targeted risk information is obtained when the exposure of a population group is identical and their susceptibilities to the chemical substances of interest are the same.

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Synchronous multiple ipsilateral breast cancers: implications for patient management. Pathologic findings from the National Surgical Adjuvant Breast Project (Protocol No. Comparative evaluation of an in depth histopathologic examination and a real-time reverse-transcription-polymerase chain response assay for mammaglobin and cytokeratin 19 on axillary sentinel lymph nodes of breast carcinoma sufferers. Pathological evaluation of sentinel lymph nodes in breast cancer: a sensible academic perspective from America. Assessing the importance of occult micrometastases in axillary lymph nodes from breast cancer sufferers. Detection of occult sentinel lymph node micrometastases by immunohistochemistry in breast cancer. Nodal stage classification for breast carcinoma: improving interobserver reproducibility by way of standardized histologic criteria and picture-based coaching. Identification of superior markers for polymerase chain response detection of breast cancer metastases in sentinel lymph nodes. Sentinel node staging for breast cancer: intraoperative molecular pathology overcomes standard histologic sampling errors. Detection of circulating tumor cells in early-stage breast cancer metastasis to axillary lymph nodes. Circulating tumor cells, disease progression, and survival in metastatic breast cancer. Enumeration of circulating tumor cells in the blood of breast cancer sufferers after filtration enrichment: correlation with disease stage. Circulating tumor cells: a novel prognostic issue for newly identified metastatic breast cancer. Circulating tumor cells versus imaging�predicting general survival in metastatic breast cancer. Circulating tumor cells at every comply with-up time point throughout therapy of metastatic breast cancer sufferers predict progression-free and general survival. Preoperative therapy in invasive breast cancer: reviewing the state of the science and exploring new analysis directions. Effect of preoperative chemotherapy on the result of girls with operable breast cancer. Recommendations from a global professional panel on using neoadjuvant (primary) systemic treatment of operable breast cancer: an replace. A new histological grading system to assess response of breast cancers to primary chemotherapy: prognostic significance and survival. Measurement of residual breast cancer burden to predict survival after neoadjuvant chemotherapy. American Joint Committee on cancer tumor-node-metastasis stage after neoadjuvant chemotherapy and breast cancer end result. Research points affecting preoperative systemic therapy for operable breast cancer. Preoperative treatment of postmenopausal breast cancer sufferers with letrozole: a randomized double-blind multicenter examine. Neoadjuvant therapy with paclitaxel followed by 5-fluorouracil, epirubicin, and cyclophosphamide chemotherapy and concurrent trastuzumab in human epidermal growth issue receptor 2-constructive operable breast cancer: an replace of the preliminary randomized examine population and knowledge of extra sufferers treated with the same regimen. Pathologic classification (pN) is used for excision or sentinel lymph node biopsy solely along side a pathologic T task. Gynecologic Sites 377 In order to view this proof precisely, the Overprint Preview Option have to be set to Always in Acrobat Professional or Adobe Reader. Changes to the staging classification replicate a belief that tumor measurement unbiased of different components (unfold to adjacent structures, nodal metastases) is much less essential in predicting survival. The idea of sentinel lymph node mapping where just one or two key nodes are eliminated is currently being investigated. In most cases, a surgical evaluation of regional lymph nodes (inguinal-femoral lymphadenectomy) is carried out. The current revisions to staging adopted replicate a recognition that the quantity and measurement of lymph node metastases more precisely replicate prognosis. Vulva 379 In order to view this proof precisely, the Overprint Preview Option have to be set to Always in Acrobat Professional or Adobe Reader.

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The Evolution Of gods From Sumeria As a ultimate note on this chapter, it will be difficult to find a more extraordinary analysis therapy of the evolution of religions from Sumeria than in the e-book by Michael Tellinger on the the Slave Species of god. For anyone who needs to delve into this matter, Michael`s e-book has all the analysis and detail. In the beginning these gods had contact with people however theses have developed to contract via the priesthoods and ministries of the chosen ones (bloodlines and special ones). It was a plan to control people via religions thus the gods ultimately proclaimed themselves because the god of the bibles. Many laws and judicial course of had been written and these are effetely nonetheless here today. Most prominent interplay of these gods and males was Egypt the place the god Enki grew to become Ptaah, Ningishsidda grew to become Tehuti, Marduk grew to become Ra they usually dictated many laws such because the Book of the Dead. Civilization sprang up everywhere in the world suddenly with outstanding information and understanding in a single day In his e-book, Michael particulars how the gods punished the disobedient and rewarded the obedient. His analysis particulars how these loving gods had been materialistic, obsessive and vengeful human-like beings who demanded worship. It was thought the Code of Law as created by Hammurabi the priest king of Babylonia had been allowed certain rights of property and business however essentially slaves 466 had been merchandise. The salve markets of Asia, Indus, Egypt, Israel, Greece all evolves into the seventeenth century the place it grew to become an honourable noble business. Today the slavery continues under a special banner of economics and money over people and nations. Of biggest significance is how Tellinger particulars the similarities in the main biblical tales similar to creation, Adam and Eve, the Flood as introduced in Greek, Roman, Scandinavian, Celtic, and Welsh all written in clay 1900 years before Christ. As he points out, not one was created by God; all are written by man as imposed by "gods" all bringing their own manuals and codes which might be on no account "divine" the Sumerian King List is an historical manuscript originally recorded in the Sumerian language, listing kings of Sumer (historical southern Iraq) from Sumerian and neighboring dynasties, their supposed reign lengths, and the areas of "official" kingship. It spans over 240,000 years Kingship was believed to have been handed down by the gods, and could be transferred from one city to another, reflecting perceived hegemony in the region. The record blends prehistorical, presumably mythical predynastic rulers with implausibly prolonged reigns with later, more plausibly historic dynasties. Only one ruler listed is known to be female: Kug-Bau "the (female) tavern-keeper", who alone accounts for the Third Dynasty of Kish. The earliest listed ruler whose historicity has been archaeologically verified is En-me-barage-si of Kish, ca. Reference to this particular person in the Epic of Gilgamesh has led to speculation that Gilgamesh himself may be historic. Three dynasties are notably excluded from the record: the Larsa dynasty, which vied for energy with the (included) Isin dynasty through the Isin-Larsa period; and the 2 dynasties of Lagash, which respectively preceded and ensued the Akkadian Empire, when Lagash exercised appreciable influence in the region. Lagash in particular is known instantly from archaeological artifacts courting from ca. However, the truth that most of the dynasties listed reigned concurrently from various localities makes it difficult to reproduce a strict linear chronology. Even although religions and god scatter the planet, the shops and myths are the identical, all rooted in Sumerian writings and gods who had been vengeful, demanding obedience. In a highly spectacular analysis, Michael documents the Sumerian god, Mayan, Greek, Roman, Japanese, Egyptian, African and Chinese gods relating these to the Sumerian base. Clearly their powers had been greater than humankind who they thought of their slaves. The Articles of incorporation are the Bibles and alleged "holy" scriptures, writings that represent the "Word" because the laws of behaviour. When one joins these firms, one assumes these beliefs which might be imposed upon the mortal being. The personal shareholders are the bloodlines of Kings and queens and their Chosen ones. What has to be underscored is that prophesies of Armageddon are merely particulars of an unbelievable marketing strategy coming to completion in the 12 months 2012.

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Jacob`s Pillar Stone that Teia Tephi brought with her from Jerusalem stayed in Ireland for greater than a thousand years, the place it was renamed the Stone of Destiny or Lia Fail in Irish and all the Irish kings were crowned upon the Stone until c. It was then loaned to Fergus, the brother of Muircheartach (Murdoch) king of Ireland, who had emigrated to Scotland and wished to be crowned king of the Irish who had settled there and had become Scottish. The Stone was not returned to Ireland and stayed in Scotland, the place it was named the Stone of Scone, and all the Scottish kings were crowned upon it, until 1296 A. In 1950 four Scottish Nationalists removed the Stone from Westminster Abbey; took it back to Scotland and a faux stone manufactured from Perthshire sandstone was later placed at Arbroath and from there it was taken to London. Presidents of the United States are forbidden any title of nobility and are subservient to the Monarch. It has shifted into company kingdoms and a fictional world of firms which are controlled by cash, not bodily armies. Prime ministers in Commonwealth nations like Canada and Australia are also subservient representatives of the British king or queen. By delegating her powers as a substitute of exercising her powers, the queen is left safely exterior and above the conflicts and divisions of the political course of. Meanwhile, most people is saved at midnight in regards to the true powers that the queen actually possesses. So what exactly are these powers that the queen possesses however has not chosen to train Her powers embrace: the facility to choose the prime ministers and to dismiss the prime ministers either immediately in Britain, or through her governor generals in Commonwealth international locations. The power to train "Crown Prerogatives" which implies the monarch can declare struggle through her prime minister, with out the settlement of parliament. The actual Crown itself, worn by the monarch is an emblem of the queens govt powers. The parliamentary oaths act of 1866 requires all leaders of 54 commonwealth nations to swear an oath of loyalty to the queen, not to the individuals who elected them. The central bank of Canada and the Canadian mint are Crown firms, unbiased of most authorities controls. Court summons are issued within the name of the queen and all public inquiries are known as Royal Commissions. The queen is the lifetime hereditary head of state of Great Britain and her colonies and is un-elected and unaccountable. So for the yr ended march 2002, the operating bills of the Windsor household were 7. Her monetary portfolio contains Rio Tinto, General Electric, Royal Dutch Shell, British Petroleum, Archer Daniels Midland, and the listing goes on. The Black Nobility is a rich aristocracy of elite ruling households who solidified their wealth within the 12th. During the blood-baths of the Christian Crusades, this Italian Oligarchy captured the buying and selling monopolies. Over the centuries the black nobility have used their power and wealth to rape, plunder and exploit every nook of the globe. Today, the black nobility enrich themselves within the unlawful medication and arms commerce, using properly distanced intermediaries. An estimated 280 billion in flight capitol and drug cash flows into their secret Swiss accounts. The black nobility embrace the house of Hanover, Germany; the house of Hapsburg, Austria; the house of Orange, Netherlands; the house of Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein; and most importantly, the house of Guelph, Britain. The Black Nobility are the founders of the Committee of 300 which is also known as the Illuminati or illuminated ones. The Illuminate was fashioned to obtain one primary objective � one world authorities, known as the New World Order. Since the British colonization of America, many powerful American households have fashioned secret societies that co-function with the black nobility. Like the Skull and Bones fraternity at Yale University which is routed in German Freemasonry. One study group within the Rand Corporation specializes within the timing and path of thermal nuclear struggle. If you could create a marketplace for a product, then create the product, and have limitless capital to promote, would you Most Freemasons remain at the third diploma and supply a canopy, through their group charitable actions.


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